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Main Square

About Main Square

Wander around this central square and immerse yourself in the lively energy of the Sacred Valley’s busiest town.

Plaza de Armas is the heart of Urubamba, making it an ideal point to begin exploration of this popular city. Surrounded by a number of excellent restaurants, the square is also a perfect place for a break during a day of sightseeing or for sampling a Peruvian meal.

Take your time walking around this lovely square, watching locals go about their day. Look for the square’s central fountain, which is crowned with a maize plant sculpture. Palms, pines and pisonay trees surround the plaza. Pisonay trees were sacred to the Incas; you may notice them growing around many other plazas across the region.

Go for a ride in one of the mototaxis that can be seen driving around the square looking for passengers. These unique little vehicles, similar to tuk-tuks in Thailand or auto-rickshaws in India, operate only in certain cities across the country. Mototaxis have no set route, so just hail a driver and negotiate a price. This uniquely Peruvian experience is a fun and affordable option for short journeys around town.

Be sure to see the Iglesia San Pedro, a lovely colonial church made of red sandstone. It dominates the square. Take a few photos of the church, which stands proudly with the rugged mountain scenery as its backdrop. Notice two small belfries in its tower and look inside, where you’ll find a handsome three-tier altar and a glass-topped cupola.

Find a seat at one of the restaurants surrounding the square and enjoy traditional Peruvian dishes. Try lomo saltado, a beef stir fry dish served with fried potato slices and rice. Sample ceviche, which consists of raw river fish soaked in lime or lemon juice. If you’re not feeling hungry yet, sip a local drink like pisco sour, which uses the Peruvian brandy pisco as its base.

Plaza de Armas is the central square in Urubamba. Buses leave regularly from Cusco every 15 minutes throughout the day. Alternatively, taxis can be easily arranged.