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The Lord of Torrechayoc, Urubamba – Sacred Valley

About The Lord of Torrechayoc, Urubamba – Sacred Valley

May always fills Cusco with major religious events. After the celebration of the Cruz Veracue Festival on May 3rd, the followers of Cusco gathered to commemorate Lord Torresjayuk.

If you plan to visit Cusco on June 9th, you can be a part of this festival! The following is some information about the stories, customs and traditions of The Lord of Torrechayoc on this day.

How did the celebration of The Lord of Torrechayoc?

According to historical records, the origin of this festival can be traced back to 1860, when a group of believers placed a cross in an area completely surrounded by snow in Cusco. In this place, they held a mass to commemorate the new cross and started work on the road from Urubamba to Lares.
Over the years, several residents of the area claimed to have heard sounds when they passed the cross. All these testimonies are the same: the Lord told them of the severe cold he suffered in that place.

Hearing this news, the parish priest of the community recently ordered the relocation of the cross to Urubamba, where Lord of Torrechayoc gained fame and was appointed as the patron of the province.
Since then, in May or June (dates are different), hundreds of people have gathered in this area of ​​Cusco to celebrate a great festival in honor of Lord of Torrechayoc. Do you want to be one of them?

The celebrations to pay tribute to the The Lord of Torrechayoc start about the second week of May (usually Saturday), and different events are scheduled, including a mass in the stadium, which is impossible to accommodate in the church due to the large number of people arriving in the town inside.

After the mass, there will be a colorful parade with different typical dances organized by the believer group. As night falls, the result of the fireworks castle burning is that the sky is illuminated by fireworks.
On the second day, The Lord of Torrechayoc cross parade passed through the main streets of Urubamba for a colorful tour, full of music, dance and rich faith.

How to get to Urubamba from Cusco?

Urubamba is one of the most important towns in the entire province of Cuzco. Here you will find incredible tourist attractions, such as the Martin Pio Concha House and the Church of San Pablo, both colonial buildings. In addition, Urubamba is very close to the Moray ruins and Salinas de Maras; therefore, if you plan to visit the The Lord of Torrechayoc, please make the most of the rest of the tourist attractions!

Urubamba is located 58 km/36 miles north of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas. On Pavitos Street in the Imperial City, you will find several minivans driving on this route every day, and there are many different timetables. To get to Urubamba, the minivan will pass through two delightful towns: Chincheros and Poroy, where you can also stop and visit the amazing sights. You can also find different travel agencies that offer trips to Urubamba in central Cusco. If you prefer a more comfortable tour with a guide, this is the best choice!